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The Gaia School's
2016 - 2017

Apprenticeship Courses are now offered in Southern California!
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Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeships in VT


IRELAND RETREAT ~ September 1st - 10th
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Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship 2017 - YEAR ONE Group 1 - VT

Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship 2017 - YEAR ONE Group 2 - VT

Adv. Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship 2017 - YEAR TWO - VT
*** COURSE FULL ~ Contact us if you are a former student!

*** The Field & Garden class will be offered again in 2018
due to scheduling changes. ***

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Field & Garden Apprenticeship 2016 - Putney, VT
*** Registration closed

Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship 2016 - YEAR ONE - Putney, VT
*** COURSE FULL ~ Registration Closed

Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship 2016 - YEAR TWO - Putney, VT
*** COURSE FULL ~ Registration closed

Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship 2016 - YEAR THREE - Putney, VT
*** Registration closed

Come journey with the sacred healing plants...

Join us for a 9 Month Apprenticeship in Herbal Healing, Shamanic Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Spiritual Ecology, Holistic Healing, and Journeying with Plant Devas and Earth Spirits.

       Three sacred plant medicine apprenticeships are taught each year in Westminster, VT running from the beginning of April, 2017 until the beginning of December. The California branch in Santa Monica/Malibu area also runs three apprenticeships starting in August of each year.

      Our Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeships focus on working with plants as medicine for the body and spirit, remembering and honoring ancient traditions of folk plant medicine. In our courses we partner with plants as conscious beings, relearning and recognizing traditions of herbal medicine that have been kept alive by families and rural communities around the world. We focus on local Northeastern American plants as well as some plants that have long traditions of use medicinally and spiritually in other parts of the world. Plant harvesting will mostly center around local natives and naturalized plants of New England. Plants of Europe, Central and South America, Polynesia, Ayurveda, and Chinese herbal medicine are also worked with throughout the course. Students are able to harvest an abundance of medicinal plants, herb seeds, and wild foods from the Gaia School gardens for their own personal use and learning at home.

      Certification for the 140 hour course in sacred plant medicine and holistic healing will be given upon completion of each apprenticeship. Students combine herbal medicine with many other healing modalities and often go on to incorporate plant medicine into their careers in many different ways - growing plants, medicine making, teaching, opening a healing practice, working with friends and family, and using plant medicine to benefit social, environmental, and collective change. Please take a look at our apprenticeship syllabi for a closer look at what each course offers.

      Apprenticeship classes focus on:

  • Folk & Traditional Herbal Healing
  • Growing & Wildcrafting Healing Plants
  • Healing Plants of North America & Tropical Plant Medicine
  • Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Spiritual Ecology & Earth-centered Spirituality
  • Wild Foods & Plant Identification
  • Meditation with Plants
  • Restorative Medicine & Nourishing Traditions
  • Systems of the Body & Herbal Energetics
  • Medicine Making - (tinctures, infusions, salves, etc.)
  • Ethnobotany
  • Shamanic Herbalism
  • Energy Healing & Bodywork
  • Magical Herbalism & Folklore
  • Communication with plant and nature devas
  • Plant Medicine Walks & ID
  • Chakra Healing with Plants
  • Ritual, Drum, & Prayer
  • Creating Social Change & Sustainability
  • Self-care & Personal Transformation
  • Body centered & Heart based Learning
  • Sacred Circle & Community building
  • Growing & Harvesting Herbs

         Our Plant Medicine Apprenticeships are an immersive journey into self healing, folk herbal traditions, and plant spirit healing, held in the setting of a compassionate and supportive circle. This apprenticeship is intended to be a transformational journey into relationship with the spirits of the plants, awakening soul memories and inner wisdom. Classes include meditation with plants, plant walks, guided journeying, harvesting & medicine making, lecture, tasting plant infusions and extracts, earth and body awareness, journal writing, and journeys with the spirits of the earth. Students learn to identify and use plants for medicine, form plant allies, and prepare medicinal teas, tinctures, essences, infusions, oils, incense, and salves with plants from around the world. Students will study the systems of the body and chakras, energetics and imbalances in the body as they relate to healing with plants.

         Each apprenticeship is a courses in folk Western herbalism and in plant spirit medicine, with primary focus placed on our own personal relationships with the plants. In each class spirit is balanced with body, through meditation, prayer, and hands-on exploration with medicine plants. We seek to unite Western modes of learning with ancient traditions of learning directly from the earth, ourselves, and Spirit. Focus is placed on healing from the heart, supporting continual wholeness, transformation, and nourishment of the self. In the first year course we focus on getting to know the plants in our own body, through experiential learning and exploration.

         Each course is intended to be a healing journey towards a deeper connection to the spirits of the medicine plants. Doorways that are opened and the wisdom gained during class will seep into each apprentice's home and everyday life. The plants that each student forms relationships with changes their lives on deep levels, helping to guide and support them through life - body, mind, and spirit.

         At the end of our first year 9 month program, each student will be brought into the inter-connected web of world healers through ritual and celebration, and will be certified from the school for 140 hours of training in herbal healing and plant spirit medicine. There is no legal licensing or certification required for herbalists to practice in the US. Herbalists are not legally allowed to practice medicine or "treat" patients, instead we recommend plants from our own personal experience, helping to support each person's own healing journey. This course offers certification in a number of hours of training, allowing students to then continue learning and practicing folk community-based herbalism and plant spirit medicine, or choose to explore a clinical based herbal training.

Educational and plant materials as well as tea or snacks will be provided to you in class. We welcome you to join us in a journey back to the earth, with Sage and the plants! Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we'll arrange a time to speak or meet with you.

         The cost for the 9 month first year course in VT starting in April, 2017 is $1,800 - $2,000 (sliding scale) for 22 six hour classes. Class will meet for 11 weekends total. Full tuition grants are offered to VT students (5-10 full grants per year) through VSAC - Vermont Student Assistance Corporation. A $100 discount is given to those who pay in full. Payment plans starting at $140 per class weekend (after initial class deposit) are available. A $250 deposit (non-refundable) is required to register for the apprenticeship and is subtracted from the total tuition. Course tuition is due whether or not the course is completed in full. Tuition payment is due by the first apprenticeship class meeting unless a payment plan has been arranged in advance.



VIEW OUR 2017 COURSE SYLLABUS - Year One Course in VT

Tuition Payment Using Paypal

         To register, fill out the registration form and send it to the address provided. The course will be limited to 20 people. Each student should only miss a maximum of 2 weekends during the course in order to complete the course and receive a certificate of completion. Any class weekend missed must be made-up through readings, self-study, and listening to our class recordings. Please feel free to contact Sage with any questions, at, or call (617)-838-8094.

         This apprenticeship is open to anyone interested, regardless of their gender, belief system, past experience, or knowledge of plants. We believe strongly in creating a safe space that honors and welcomes diversity, difference, and many voices. We have had both advanced students and beginners as apprentices, and both men and women. Though the course does often stress the energy of the Mother present in the earth, both yin and yang energies present in all things is honored. Women-identified students tend to be the majority in our apprenticeships but green men are welcome and greatly appreciated in our circle. We are a safe space for queer and gender non-conforming people.

         Before the start of the course you will receive a welcome packet with your course syllabus, booklist, course information, and beginning readings. Solitary study, practice, and assignments for the course are optional, (with occasional required assignments) and home practice is highly encouraged. Students should plan to devote one evening a week to their class home practice.

~ Student Quotes & Pictures ~


Registration Open ~ Course Fills Quickly!

Past student's experiences and photos.


"Humans can also learn from Gaia by maintaining ancient traditions that honor Her.

By reestablishing a connection with our roots, by honoring our ancestors, by being thankful for the gifts she gives us...

By sitting beneath a tree, by walking barefoot on the grass, by meditating at the sea shore, by celebrating the seasons, by observing the behavior of animals and forming loving relationships with them.

We can learn from Gaia by modeling Her behavior and building human systems that mimic the patterns, structure, and processes of Her natural systems. We can form tribes of families of clans and live in close communion with our people, we can drum and howl at the moon...

How does Gaia teach? Mostly by wise example: She demonstrates for us the kind of conditions in which Life thrives. She shows us the processes by which Life continually renews itself. She shows us the kind of interdependent relationships that organisms can create with one another to benefit each other's existence. She offers her fruits freely to all creatures.

Gaia is Mother Nature... She shows us the process of evolution that perpetuates Life, a process we are already participating in.

She teaches mostly passively, in silence, for her way is peaceful, but occasionally she will assert herself with a certain lesson. Gaia is my real mother."

-E. Christopher Mare