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Sage L. Maurer
Shamanic Herbalist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Deep Ecologist

         Sage L. Maurer is an independent practitioner and teacher of herbal healing, plant spirit medicine, shamanism, deep ecology, and ethnobotany. In 2001, Sage founded The Gaia School of Healing in Boston, Massachusetts and has trained hundreds of apprentices in the past 13 years primarily in New England and Hawaii.

        Learning mostly from the plants directly, Sage was also formally trained and certified in herbal medicine at The Blazing Star Herbal School and at The Boston School of Herbal Energetics. She has learned from many herbalists including Rosemary Gladstar, Susan Weed, Anne McIntyre, Rosita Arvigo, Pam Montgomery, Deb Soule, and others. Sage has been practicing herbal healing and plant spirit medicine for the past 17 years, though felt through many lifetimes. Through personal journeying and plant spirit work she has developed strong relationships with the plants she continues to learn from and use as medicine in her life, teaching, and healing work. For the past two decades Sage has practiced shamanic plant medicine, which she considers the roots of her practice, carrying with many others ancient traditions of medicine and ceremony.

         In late 2004 Sage moved to Oahu, Hawaii to study anthropology, ethnobotany, and Hawaiian herbal healing. During her time in Hawaii, she experienced the healing power of Pele and Hawaii's native plants, while journeying through the medicine and spirit of the island's rainforests. Sage then went on to study tropical plant medicine of Central America and the Amazon, spending time over the last 5 years learning from rainforest plants, making medicine, and teaching in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Sage teaches from her home base in Vermont and currently offers courses in Massachusetts and Costa Rica, offering apprenticeships and workshops throughout the year.

         Sage holds a degree in anthropology with a concentration in ethnobotany from The University of Hawaii, and a masters degree in environmental education. She continues to study ethnobotany, deep ecology, and sustainability (both cultural and environmental), as well as explore the different healing traditions of the world. Trained in The Wise Woman Tradition of herbal healing passed on from our grandmothers, she seeks to help reawaken our ancient memory of healing with plants and renew our connection to the earth. Sage is devoted to changing the way natural and alternative health care is provided and reawaken the earth-honoring traditions of the past. Currently working on a book devoted to the native and medicinal plants of the Northeast, she hopes to renew interest in protecting the endangered plants of her home.

         Sage spends the rest of her time following her bliss in Vermont. When she is not teaching or facilitating sacred space, you'll find her outside with the trees, gardening, in the studio throwing pots, traveling across seas, writing, moving her body, and being present with the people and plants she loves. To contact Sage you can email her at or by phone at (617) 838 -8094. Please allow a few days for her to get back to you.

To view Sage's Wordpress blog - Follow the link below.

Medicine For The Earth Blog

"Motherwort" and "Comfrey," paintings by Sage Maurer, 2009

"Burdock," painting by Sage Maurer, 2009